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The Amazons in my movies

Here I introduce the ( punchy ) Amazons featuring in my movies with links to the corresponding videos.

Nurse Heike

nurse Heike
Nurse Heike

Heike, professional nurse, private face sitting specialist, small breasts, big butt, mighty thighs.

Featuring in:
"The Next, Please"

"The Squeezer"

"Subscribers Dealer in Distress"

"Two Brutal Amazons"

"FeetErotic Special #1


Hobby-Wrestler Gundula

Gundula, 92 kg, hobby wrestler( men and women), small breasted, mighty 70 cm thighs, big butt, don't talk much, but is very aggressive. Blond fuzz on her lower legs.

Featuring in:

"The Battle of the Year"

"Killer Thighs"

"Gundula, Tatjana + Nicole Wrestling + Boxing"

"Aua, What A Power"

Preview "Aua, What a Power"


Dagmar "Daggi", 188 cm

Lefthander Dagmar, 188 cm

Daggi squeezes his head with her huge hands

Dagmar, 188 cm tall, self-confident, left-handed, has in both arms resp. face slaps and body smacks equal strength, large 21 cm long, handsome and well-groomed hands, muscular legs and calves, blond fuzz down the arms and legs, erotic voice. Hobbies: jogging, skating, snowboarding, playing saxophones.

Check also Daggi's gallery in my blog

Featuring in:

"Psychiatrist Dagmar"
"Obsessed By Dagmar"

"Best of Daggi's Bodysmacks"

Dagmar's athletic legs
Dagmar's athletic legs

Daggi takes his breath away with her hands

Dagmar on twitter

Astrid, 198 cm

Astrid 198 cm
Hand comparison in "German Giantess"

extreme height comparison
Extreme height comparison in "Anti-Stress-Therapy"

Hilu, 181 cm

Hilu smoking
Hilu likes to distribute hand-tattoos

Hilu is 181 cm tall and naturally dominant. She has a tattoo on her right upper arm and pretty large hands, with which she also likes to distribute tattoos in the form of her handprints. She is verbally in a very good mood and has an erotic voice.

Featured in:

"Hilu's Tattoos"

Hilu's tattoos on his rear

 Heike von der Reeperbahn, 184 cm

Heike von der Reeperbahn
broad shoulders
Heike's broad shoulders

Heike, 184 cm, worked as a professional dominatrix in the legendary Herbertstrasse on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, St. Pauli. She was a face slap specialist and trained daily the strength of her slaps and smacks with a punch bag in the gym. She had a back like a swimmer and an athletic figure. Due to her work she was of course also verbally very dominant .

Featuring in:

"The Callboy"

"HOM against Mobbing"

"Application As Home Servant"

"Self-Help Organization, Part1"

"Self-Help Organization, Part 2"

Karla Nelsen, 184 cm, 1994 Ms. USA Nationals - 1st

Karla Nelsen with Silke
Karla Nelsen with Silke

Karla Nelsen, 184 cm tall and 127 kg off-season peak weight (see also the Wikipedia entry) came to my invitation to Germany in the early 90s.

Featured in:

"Where Is The Money" with me as an opponent

"Python's Next Victim" with Silke as opponent

"The Amateur Photographer" with me as opponent

"The Tapeline" coming soon, not published, yet

Hairy Manu

Hairy Manu
Manu is a natural hairy woman

Manu is very hairy on the legs, in the pubic area and the armpits. A little weaker on the arms. She also has some veins on the upper and lower arm. I found her on an ad offering her services as a hostess. She did not talk much, but her actions in the movies were very convincing.

Featuring in:

"Natural Hairy Manu from Hamburg"

"Hairy Facesit with Manu"

"Triple Trouble"

"Hairy Manu Wrestles Esther"

"Hairy and Nude Manu"

Preview "Natural Hairy Manu from Hamburg

Leslie Look, US-Powerlifter World Champion

Powerlifter Leslie Look
US Powerlifter Leslie Look
between mighty thighs
How long?

The US-American Leslie Look was junior world champion in powerlifting, 22 years old, 94 kg of muscles distributed to 175 cm, thigh circumference 70 cm, when she accepted my invitation to Germany in the early 90s.

If you want to know more about Leslie Look, here is some information about her and an interview with her.

Featuring in:

"Squeezed and Smacked By A Powerlifter"

"English Lesson"

"Boston Power"

More in Leslie Look's gallery

Leslie Look


Jane, 185 cm, 95 kg

Jane, 185 cm, 95 kg
Jane, 185 cm, 95 kg

Preview "Buxom Amazon Jane"

Jane is 185 cm tall with a body weight of 95 kg. She has huge breasts and very massive upper arms. She worked as a professional dominatrix and is therefore verbally in a good mood.

Featured in:

"Buxom Amazon Jane"

"The Paradise"

Jane, 185 cm, 95 kg

Nadia, 188 cm, Olympic Rower

Nadia handSmothering

Nadia came from Rostov-on-Don at my invitation, from the Ukraine to Germany.  She is 188 cm tall and a former rower of the Russian national Olympic team. By profession, she is a chiropractor and has very large and extremely strong hands. She has a very natural character and an incredible physical strength.

Nadia's Gallery in my Blog

Featuring in:

"Russian Amazon Nadia"

"Nadia's ArmWrestling And Massage"

"Feet Erotic Special #1"

Anne from France

Anne's respectable biceps

The sporty Frenchwoman Anne reported on a newspaper ad.
She was especially proud of her biceps and calves. Out of conviction, she did not shave her legs and shoulders.
One of my first videos in 1989.

Featured in:

French Amazon

Silke and Gunther

Silke slaps his face
Silke gives him a resounding face slap


Silke in "The Day After". Nice handprints!

Silke in "Guckst du, Turk" with HandSmothering

Silke + Dorothee in "Marriage Therapy"

Silke was for a long time the "frontwoman" at montenegroVideos (now AnnDees Amazons). She is 178 cm tall, a Hamburger Deern and very imaginative and punchy. Also verbal she is in a good mood. She has always been interested in wrestling and therefore she knows the meanest grips.

For a long time Gunther was the one who had to take the punches and slaps. He endured this heroically.

Spanking position
Spanking position in "The Gambler"

Silke ( aka Pia) featured in:

"MaxMan, The Amazon Fighter"

"Guckst du, Turk"

"A Waste Case" (Ein Hoffnungsloser Fall)

"The Battle Of The Year" (Der Kampf des Jahres)

"Film Producer In Distress" ( Filmemacher in Not)

"Husband Training For Beginners"

"Tupper Party"

"Petra vs Silke"

"Scissored, Stretched and Punched"

"The Burglar" (Der Einbrecher)

"The Gambler" (Der Spieler)

"Python's Next Victim"

"My Gardener"

"Visit from Munich" (Besuch aus München)

"Triple Trouble"

"Marriage Therapy" (Eheberatung)

"The Day After"


Hairy Andrea, 187 cm

Andrea with natural hairy armpits
Andrea with natural hairy armpits

Andrea is 187 cm tall and has naturally hairy armpits and slightly hairy arms.

Featured in:

"The Afternoon Party"

"One Head Taller"


Model Andrea, 187 cm

Andrea on a Polaroid
Andrea on a good, old Polaroid

Andrea, 187 cm, tall and athletic, was one of the most aggressive women, I ever met.

Featured in:

"Private Fashion Show"

Saftige Ohrfeige
Andrea in "Private Fashion Show"

Handball Player Susi, 183 cm

Handball players are always brutal

big female Hands
Big handball player hands

Susi is 183 cm tall, a farmer and active handball player and has exceptionally large and strong hands with prominent veins.

Featured in:

"Never Provoke A Farm Girl"

"Farm Girl's Orgasm"

strong and veiny hands
Susi's strong and veiny hands

Mrs. Wegner, 194 cm, 111 kg, 68 cm thighs

Fac slap by a tall woman
Face slap for excessive prices for oversized shoes



Mrs. Wegner is a typical tall next-door-woman. She featured in my film to point out the problems of big women in a punch line.

Featured in:

"Daydreams of a Giantess Lover, Part 2"

thigh smack
Big hands are predestinated to kill mosquitos

Dutch Giantess Janine, 191 cm

Huge hands
Huge hands can make you breathless

No sex in German hotels!

Janine at the pool
Janine is proud of her huge hands

The Dutch Janine is 191 cm tall and has extraordinary large hands and long legs.

Featured in:

"Dutch Giantess Janine"

"Giantess Janine in the Hofbräuhaus"

"Bavaria Welcomes The Dutch Giantess, #1"

"Bavaria Welcomes The Dutch Giantess, #2"

handprint on the skin
Janine's clear handprint after a smack
Janine in the hotel pool
Janine in the hotel pool

Bodybuilder Petra, hairy legs

Petra topless
Petra is posing for me in the forest

hairy thigh

Petra is a passionate bodybuilder and has hairy legs and arms. She is a natural woman and has no problems to show her breasts.

Featured in:

"Natural Hairy Petra In The Gym"

"One Day With Petra"

Clip "Hand Training"

Petra in the gym

Natural Hairy Gabi

Gabi was a natural hairy and sportive women of the 80s with hairy arms and legs.

Featured in:

"Hairy Gabi and Hairy Kerstin"

Claudia, 190 cm   

ear pulling

painful smack
A very painful smack

Claudia, 190 cm tall, 22 years old, is slim and very brutal.

She has particularly large, punchy hands, with which she not only can smack hard, but also can take the air perfectly.

                 Featured in: "Claudia Brutale"

large hands

large hand
Look at that!

Leisure Mistress Sandra, 174 cm



Sandra is 174 cm tall and has extraordinary large hands for her height. She is a passionate leisure domina and verbally in a very good mood.

Featured in:

"Husband Training"

"No More Debates"

"Nude And Crazy" ( 18+ adult content )

Sandra's large hands
Sandra's large hand

Monika from Hamburg

Monika's arm veins and hairy lower legs


Monika in the gym
Monika in the Powerhouse in Hamburg

Monika worked in a dining facility and had very muscular, with pronounced veins crossed arms by carrying heavy pots and natural hairy lower legs. She likes to spend her free time in the gym.

Featured in:

"Monika, West Germany and Gabi Butze, East Germany in the Powerhouse 1989"
"Gabi Butze, GDR and Monika Germany 1989"

Clip "Vein Fetish # 1"

Monika's veiny arms
Monika's bulging arm- and hand veins

Gabi Butze, former GDR

Gabi Butze

Gabi Butze was one of the few female bodybuilders in the former GDR. There one called this strength sport "Kulturistik". With her husband she was the "Duo Shape" and was allowed to travel abroad through the artist agency of the GDR. So I booked her as "Duo Shape" before the fall of the Wall in the summer of 1989 and produced two films with Gabi Butze.

Today Gabi Butze and her husband Peter run a gym in Chemnitz.

Featured in:

"Monika, West Germany and Gabi Butze, East Germany in the Powerhouse 1989"
"Gabi Butze, GDR and Monika Germany 1989"

Gabi Butze und Monika
Gabi Butze and Monika from Hamburg, 1989 before the fall of the Berlin Wall

Ingrid aka Tazzie, Powerlifter

Ingrid aka Tazzie
Ingrid aka Tazzie
Tazzie in "Asiatic Fighter"

Ingrid aka Tazzie was 20 years old when I casted her for filming. She had huge thighs with 66 cm circumference, her calves had 41 cm, her biceps 40 cm. That was 95 kg of power distributed over 174 cm. She became more aggressive from film to film, probably through stimulants, until I finally had to end the collaboration. She knew Leslie Look (see above) from the USA from powerlifting competitions and conciliated her for three great movies.

featured in:

"The Bodybuilding Queen" (H58)

"Asiatic Fighter" (H60)

"Tazzie Uncutted and Uncensored" (B30)

"Die Revanche" (H66)

"Kicked into Submission" (H73)

"German Bitch" oder "Hilfe, ich ersticke (H74)

Christine, Erotic Dancer



Christine in "The Tabledancer"

Christine works as an erotic dancer on the stage of a nightclub on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, St. Pauli. She is very fit and well trained, German-Hungarian and very hot-tempered. Her legs and calves are a feast for the eyes.

featured in:

"The Tabledancer Christine"


Christine in "Tabledancer"
Christine in "Tabledancer"

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