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Tall Psychiatrist Dagmar-->>Meine Filme (German)

face slap
A bitchslap. Very humiliating. And notice her calves!

A short man, who is fascinated by tall women with large hands and feet, dreams all the day about those women.
So he visits the psychiatrist Dagmar. She stands 188 cm barefeeted and has very large hands and feet.
She begins her therapy with some face slaps and squeezing his head between her long and athletic legs. Than she smacks his whole body with her overzized hands to leave the red imprints of her hands on the skin of her client, while she is scissoring him.
Later she takes the small client's head between her thighs and gives him such hard smacks on his rear and the sides of his upperbody, that he is moaned in pain.
Clear handprints appearing on his skin. You can see her large palm and every of her long fingers as a tattoo on his skin. She is a lefthander, but uses both hands, left and right. And she also begins to hand smother him and force him to look up to her, by pressing his head between her oversized and strong hands.
You can see real fear in his eyes. He is near to tears by such a humilation only her large hands and her height.
Later Dagmar told me, that she never before had such a feeling of control over a man and that she was sexually exited and stimulated by this actions.
At the end of the therapy there is a very humilating scene: Dagmar experts judgement on her clear visible handprints on his rear. That was absolutely shameful for the man, as he told me later, as she described him her hand prints on his rear, he couldn't see, but felt the burning sensation on the skin, still.

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Daggi's Galery

huge hand = huge handprint
A large hand = A large handprint

Hilu's Tattoos -->>Meine Filme (German)

Hilu throw him out with a nice tattoo on his back

Hilu is 181 cm tall, attractive and self-confident. She returns from a business trip and, looking into the bedroom, realizes that her husband was having fun with other women while she was away. He fell asleep in front of the TV, the table is full of empty bottles and overflowing ashtray.  A resounding slap in the face brings him out of his deep dreams and makes it clear who the boss is. And then, in the truest sense of the word, one smack follows the other:
At the ear she pulls him behind her into the hobby room and half sleepily he collects more bitc fromhslaps from her. She dominates him physically as well as verbally. Then he has to clean up the apartment. She snaps her fingers with a demand. In the bathroom she smacks him on his back so hard that her hand is painted clearly on his skin. With this visible "tattoo" she puts him - wearing only the pajama pants - in front of the door.

An authentic film with a convincing, naturally dominant woman,  who entrusted me later that she had felt very well in this role.

There is besides the actions much dialog in German language, so I recommend this video especially to German speaking custumers and promise you much fun and entertainment. Nevertheless all actions in this video are understandable all over the world without knowledge of the German language.

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Squeezed And Smacked By A Powerlifter -->>Meine Filme (German)

Notice the nice handprint on his thigh!

The junior world champion in powerlifting (Kraft-3-Kampf), American Leslie Look, 22 years old, 94 kg (206 lbs) of muscle mass, 175 cm (5'9") tall, came to me from Maine to teach the Germans the main of fear! At the world championships in June of 1994, she lifted 510 kgs (1122 lbs). What will she do with Peter who only weights 73 kgs (160 lbs), as he grasps her butt? The answer is two hard slaps in the face. Then she squeezes his head between her mighty, powerful thighs, until he didn't know what hit him. With unbelievable power, she spanks all body parts with her open hands. After a short time, there are red marks of her big, strong hands all over his white skin. Not only her strength, but her weight advantage of over 20 kgs (44 lbs) gives him no chance against her scissors and smacks. My first movie of female muscle domination with a real World Champion! (dialog in English language).

Never touch a powerlifter on her butt

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Read an interview with her six years after the video shots -->>

The Callboy -->>Meine Filme (German)

Ohrfeige slap
A Bitchslap!

Callboy Berni got a bad day. It appears a woman in a lacquer coat, the 194 cm tall and athletic Heike von der Reeperbahn. In addition she wears high heels! She towers over the 183 cm tall callboy by about one head. And she has a very extraordinary wish: She wants to smack him to her heart's content, with the palm of her hand. So she orders this callboy for her desires. And she pays for it. She pays for every smack. And she smacks very hard. Every day she goes to the gym to improve her power. She got broad shoulders by it. She begins with tough face slaps, which are so strong that his cheeks are bright red after a few slaps. After he has captured thirties of the very best sort, the powerful lady gets rid of her coat and looks even more dangerous in her tight leather dress. She now leaves bright red prints of her big, strong hand on the callboy's entire body. Unexpected slaps to his face make him stagger. She puts him over his knees and spanks his bare bottom. After about 70 face slaps and 200 powerful smacks on the back, chest, thighs, loins and butt, she is satisfied. Red prints of her powerful hand remind the callboy of this extraordinary customer for a few more days.

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Daydreams of a Giantess Lover -->>Meine Filme (German)

Randy from the Philippines is only 161 cm of height and is dreaming in his office of women, who are taller and stronger than himself. His female boss in the company, he is working, f.e. has a height of 195 cm! In his daydream he sees himself in different situations with her, connected with spectacular height comparisons. Suddenly the phone is ringing and he is called to his boss he has dreamed minutes ago. She tolds him that she loves short men and demands him to attack her so that she can show that he should have no chance against a woman of 195 cm! And he notices that she's really too tall and her arms are too long that he can do anything against her. As the phone is ringing, he must go back to his working place and is dreaming from the next Giantess of part 2/2

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The Next, please   -->>Meine Filme (German)

Face slap
Heike slaps his face

Journalist Max wants to shoot a report about sexual harassment of women in the workplace. For this he is looking for women who demonstrate how they would defend themselves.
Among others, there has applied the bit more stronger built Heike.  She appears in pumps, blouse and black miniskirt - underneath she wears stockings with suspenders and a bra. Actually, only a short rehearsal scene should take place, but Heike does not leave it at the obligatory reflex-slap for the pesterer. She goes to "close combat" by using her mighty thighs and also facesitting as a tried and tested means against her inferior-by-weight pesterer.



The huge leatherhand leaves huge marks
The huge leatherhand leaves huge marks

The Amazon is face slapping the man and riding with her full weight on his slim body. Than she finds a leather-hand-paddle, made from the outlines of the hand of a 194 cm tall woman. She uses now this large leather-hand, to smack the man on his back and rear. The leatherhand leaves large imprints on his skin and gives an idea how one would feel if one would be spanked by a very tall woman with oversized hand.
The Amazon Heike gets stimulated by her face slaps, foot kicks, crushing, torture him by schoolboypins, face sitting, scratching, pinching, hairpulling, headlocks, face squeezing with her big thighs and slapping, crushing, scissoring. This German Amazon has much phantasy: Standing, the Amazon puts his head between her mighty thighs, in such way that he must look up to her and his nouse is directly at her pubic area. A very humilating action. Also she makes use of "stereo faceslaps" (double slap ) with both hands on both cheeks at the same time, really hard, quick face slaps - left and right, left and right - hair-pulling and pushing his head on the floor, jumping with her full weight of 90 kg on his stomach. This Amazon simply is a German Furie!
She is treats him with her knees and her heels on his arms, so called schoolboy pins, and uses also her shoes to spank him: The full Amazon progrogram!

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Where is the Money?    -->>Meine Filme (German)

Karla Nelsen and me
Karla has me under her control

The storyline: The dealer Berni is to deliver the money for a drug deal his boss Karla Nelsen. However, when he says the money was confiscated during a police raid, Karla does not believe it. In a flash, she jammed his head between her mighty thighs and presses mercilessly. Then she takes the almost impotent dealer into a stranglehold until he falls unresistent to the ground. After she undresses and examines him, but does not find the money, she carries him on her shoulder into her training room. There she wants to find out with her special method, where Berni has hidden the money. She grill Berni so much that he often whines in pain. Her grips are so powerful that she would be able to break poor Berni's neck or ribs with her infamous body scissors and the painful Full Nelson. Although Berni desperately tries to escape from Karla's grasp, he does not succeed. Too big is their physical superiority! "You have to experience it by yourself to believe it," says Berni after the shoot, drained and depressed.

painfull body scissors
Painfull body scissors

Karla Nelsen is a former amateur bodybuilder from the USA, 1993 Ms. America and 1994 Ms USA, was The Amazon of the 90s and ahead of their time. With a height of 184 cm and 100 kg of pure muscles, an average man had no chance against her in looking horns or wrestling. I invited Karla Nelsen to Germany in the early 90s and made four great films with her.

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Blog article about Karla and my movies with her

Fraulein Heidi  -->>Meine Filme (German)

Reinhold saw some of my videos and wanted now to experience whether my films are real actions or only fakes.

Heidi waited for him impatiently. The first face slap came in a flash and now Reinhold knews that he will have a hard time.

A red butt and a huge butt
A red butt and a huge butt

It seemed that he couldn't understand what there happened. Sounding face slaps, hard smacks on his snow-white skin which leave clear imprints, headlocks, scissors ...

Reinhold was astonished about the temperament of this Amazon.

After the first reactions of being astonished, he tried to restrain "like a man". But Heidi got more furious and showed him up.

After 30 minutes of action Reinhold asked me to stop the shooting. He was completely run down.

Redmarked with red handprints all over his body, he left my shooting location. I never heart anything from him again .

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The Afternoon Party    -->>Meine Filme (German)

Squats and ear pulling
Squats and ear pulling

Three young women, Monique, 188 cm, Andrea, 187 cm and Antje, 188 cm with impressive shoe size EU 44 are enjoying their weekly afternoon party. Andrea's husband Gunter, only 160 cm, must serve them champaign and paint the fingernails of their beautiful, big hands. He also must feel that their oversized hands are predestined to distribute resounding face slaps if he does not behave properly. He learns: The bigger the hand, the louder it claps and the more it hurts. After some glasses of champaign they pull the shirt off his body and "play" with the one head shorter man. Then it becomes sporty: They force Gunther to squats and other gymnastic exercises, show him what stretching is, lift him up, demonstrate the leverage of their long legs and when Antje raises a ball with a circumference of 68 cm only with one hand, Gunther can't believe it. He can still try it again and again, he cannot do the same with his small hand. A hand comparison than shows it: Antje's hand is round about a fingertip longer than his hand. And when she puts her feet with shoe size 44 on his stomach, Gunther knows that he is a bit too small for those tall women.

Antje and Andrea also have very hairy pubic areas and hairy armpits, a highlight for all admirers of natural hairy women.

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MaxMan, The Amazon Fighter

Two Amazons, one with powerful thighs and strong calves, the other slim and tall, dominate a slender little man - MaxMan, the AmazonFighter - with scissorss, hand smothering, body smacks and foot erotic, elbow and foot kicks, punches to the stomach , scratching with visible marks on the back and hair pulling. The full Amazon program. The AmazonFighter has a hard time with these two women.

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Preview "Amazon Fighter"


extreme height comparison
198 cm tall psychotherapist with her 162 cm short patient

A 162 cm short, but aesthetically and well-build man phones with a female psychotherapist and tells her that he is attracted by tall women with large hands and have all the day the wish to get smothered with those large hands. He needs help by a professional and asks for an appointment.

She orders him to a consultation. What he don't know: This female psychiatrist is standing 198 cm without heels and has oversized hands, such kind of woman he dreams every day from. As he arrives in her rooms, he thinks he is dreaming. She smothers his mouth and nose with her large hands and after the therapy she forces him to admire her long legs, as she oils in her body, only covered with a scanty bikini. She slaps her own butt with her large hands and than she allows her patient to worship her body with his small hands.

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German TV coverage 

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